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Fossils-Facts-And-Finds Ezine, Issue #004 -- Tucson Gem and Mineral Show
February 05, 2007


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Table of Contents
  • News
    1. New Archaeopteryx find!
    2. Stegosaurus Discovered In Portugal
  • Featured Articles
    1. Tucson Gem and Mineral Show 2007
    2. Too Many Fossils! Two for One Sale!!
  • What’s New…
    1. Fossil Collection Drawing
    2. @
    3. @
    4. @
  • Work in Progress


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New Archaeopteryx Find!

The following is taken from Paleoblog, Evolution. Extinction. Fossilization. (Repeat). If you want to read more follow the link at the end of the article.

The Tenth skeletal specimen of Archaeopteryx. 2007. G.Mayr et al. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 149: 97–116.

Abstract: We describe the tenth skeletal specimen of the Upper Jurassic Archaeopterygidae. The almost complete and well-preserved skeleton is assigned to Archaeopteryx siemensii Dames, 1897 and provides significant new information on the osteology of the Archaeopterygidae.

Read the full story of the new archaeopteryx find


Stegosaurus Discovered In Portugal

This also comes from palaeoblog. Read the details by following the links below.

New evidence of shared dinosaur across Upper Jurassic Proto-North Atlantic: Stegosaurus from Portugal. 2007. F. Ortega et al. Naturwissenschaften Published online: 23 December 2006.

Stegosaurus fossil has been discovered in Europe, marking the first time the famous plated dinosaur has been found outside of North America.

Stegosaurus Discovered In Portugal


TheTucson Gem and Mineral Show 2007 Edition

Whether you arrive for the fossils or the minerals, the annual show held in Tucson is more amazing with each passing year.

Many shows got underway on Janurary 27 and will run for approximately two weeks. Most shows follow a similar schedule with variations in start and end dates by one or two days.

While most folks just refer to “The Tucson Show” there are actually a number of “shows” managed by different individuals. For the attendee, this matters little, but after a few annual visits, I have become aware of differences in focus. For example, some venues are careful to focus on fossils and minerals while others are like an international marketplace with folks selling items from rugs to baskets and beyond. Depending on your particular area of interest, these broader venues can eat up time and energy as you pick your way among the massive displays. With an astonishing 44 official locations not to mention the unofficial stands set up here and there around town, you’ll never see it all and, unless you are able to stay focused, you may miss the things you came to see.

This year, we traveled to Tucson with a narrow list, knowing that we’d be seeing, and buying, plenty of things beyond it. For this first installment, we’ll focus on our happy fossil hunting experiences and put out some recommendations for those of you who will arrive a little later or in the years to come. You can count on most venders returning to the same spot year after year.

The fossil seeker has plenty on which to feast her eyes. With approximately ten venues just focusing on fossils, you’ll see amazing specimens from around the globe. Here are just a few that caught our eye this year:

Read the full story of The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show complete with pictures of some of our finds there follow the link.

Want to see what we bought in Tucson? Scroll down to the What’s New Section for highlights and a discount coupon!


Too Many Fossils! Two for One Sale

Some of our most popular products at are our fossil collections. We pack these ourselves. In the process we end up with lots of fossils that don’t meet our quality standards for these collections. They may be chipped, broken, too big, too small, or just not good enough. Normally we sell these fossils by the pound. They are great for creating a fossil dig with children, fossil hunts (like an Easter egg hunt), sand box accessories, or inexpensive classroom gifts.

The bottom line is that we are overstocked with these fossils by the pound. They normally sell for $12.00 a pound. When you consider that it cost us between $4 and $6 to ship them it is a pretty good deal.

While they last we are offering a two for the price of one sale on these fossils by the pound! Buy one get two. Buy 2 and get 4. The two for one limit is buy 4 get eight. We have brachiopods, orthoceras, sea urchins, and mixed fossils available. Sorry, the horn corals are not included in this offer.

This offer is good while they last or through February which ever comes first. To order just buy one on and write ”I want two” in the comments section of the last page of the check out process in the shopping cart. Your order will say one but we will ship two!

You can find fossils by the pound on this link.


What’s New…?

This month we are drawing 3 winners in our Fossil Collection Give Away.

The winner in December failed to claim their fossil collection. We notify winners by the email adress they submit to us. We must get confirmation from you before we will put your fossil collection in the mail. If we are not on your white list your notification may get filtered out by your spam filters. Look for an email with fossil collection in the subject line. You may be one of the winners this month!


Between the Tucson show and preparing our new children’s books for the printer, hasn’t gotten much new added to it recently. But thanks to you our visitors there is some news. reached 1,000 visits a day in January and has been in that neighborhood ever since.. It has also gotten a PR ranking from google of 5 Which is very good for an independent small and relatively new site.

We are very happy with the success of our web sites and thank you our visitors and customers for making it possible.

Interested in starting your own web site? I heartily recommend SBI. They provide all the tools and knowledge you’ll need to succeed on the internet.

If you want to learn more, visit these links for short informative videos:

Why I love SBI or

SBI Video Tour

Questions? Don’t hesitate to write us directly for answers:

@ : New products from the Tucson Show

We have lots of new fossils from the Tucson show. In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding a number of new species, but for now these two popular items are back up and available:

  • Megalodon teeth
  • Large shark teeth-Otodus obliquus

Look for these new items soon:
  • Charcharodon teeth
  • Primitive plants from the Carboniferous
  • Pyritized Ammonites
  • Russian Ammonites
  • Selenite lamps, candle holders, and spheres
  • Display Fossils, bowls, table tops
  • New fossil collections
  • mineral specimens
  • and more

I’ll be putting up a “What’s New” page for these items as they are available. Look for it on the left menu bar.

Receive a 10% discount on any fossilicious products! Use this coupon code “Tucson07” to receive 10% off any item on our website! Coupon code is valid until February 28, 2007.

The newest addition to our website family is We hope you’ll take a minute to browse the new lesson plans and activities for kids.


Work in Progress

For those of you who have been patiently awaiting the publication of our books on the geologic periods, well, they’re really close to being ready for you.

The text is done. The artwork is done. The layout is done. Off to the printers! If you’re a Montessori teacher and plan to attend the AMS conference in NYC, we’ll have them there! For everyone else we will preview them on later this month.

In the next Ezine issue, we’ll begin a series of articles focused on methods of teaching history. This series will share a “big picture” method of approaching history, discuss rationale for the approach and give a few lessons as examples.


Written by….Doug and Claudia Mann
© copyright 2006/2007 by

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