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Holidays 2013 Newsletter From Fossilicious
December 12, 2013


Table of Contents

  • Holiday Shopping On Line


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Holiday Shopping On Line

From all of us at to you and yours, Happy Holidays!

The NEW look of! belongs to a family of websites focused on fossils, rocks, and minerals. This summer all of our websites have undergone makeovers designed to improve your experience with us online.

For those of you who didn't know our sister sites are:

  • and

We hope you will visit all of our websites to see what is new.

The remainder of this ezine is dedicated to the changes at our websites and holiday discounts for those of you who still have some holiday shopping yet to do. Thank you for your continued support.

We’ve rolled out a new website and cart to make your shopping experience easy and fun! Updated and new features make finding gifts, learning tools and earth treasures FAST, SIMPLE, and even more AFFORDABLE.

  • EASY browsing with roll-over menus

  • FAST check out process

  • SECURE (CC info and billing info is more secure)

  • PA-DSS Certified/PCI Compliant (fully compliant with new standard for internet security)

  • SALE PRICES are easy to find so you get the best possible price

  • SHARE quickly and easily with friends! Facebook, twitter, and pinterest links help you spread the word about all the cool stuff at!

Celebration Sale! 20% off on all products through December 20! and, our website associates, have had a facelift, too! Besides the new look, you’ll find easy browsing through revised site organization.

NEW fossil, rock and mineral photo galleries give you a glimpse into Earth’s Treasures from far-flung corners of the world. Soon you and your local rock club will be able to upload your own finds and share your club’s activities.

The NEW Dinosaur Place on Fossils-Facts-and-Finds continues to grow with more fast facts and fabulous fables to inspire your budding paleontologist.

More into rocks, minerals, and crystals? Check out the updates to .

Our most popular product, the children’s books on Fossils, Geologic Time and the Periods of the Timeline of Life have all been rewritten! Geologic info is constantly changing, so we’ve updated the books to include some of the most recent discoveries and terminology.

Speaking of terminology...another new feature is a glossary in EVERY book! To help parents and teachers support kids with not only geologic terms, but also developing vocabularies, we’ve highlighted 8 to 12 terms and included them in a glossary at the end of each book. Every entry includes the part of speech, definition and reference to the page number so students can easily find their way back to where they were reading.

Coming soon...teacher’s guide for using these books to integrate earth science into language, math, science and history lessons!


Written by Doug and Claudia Mann
© copyright 2006/2013 by Doug and Claudia Mann

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