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Spring Newsletter From Fossilicious
April 24, 2012

Table of Contents
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    1. Stunningly intact dinosaur fossil found in Germany!
    2. Dinosaur Migrations
  • Featured Articles
    1. Fossils in the Sand
    2. Ammonite sale
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Stunningly intact dinosaur fossil found in Germany!

The almost perfectly complete fossil of a young theropod dinosaur, including some preserved hair and skin, was unveiled yesterday by scientists from the Bavarian paleontological and geological collections (BSPG) in Munich, Germany.

Read more here.

March of the Titans: Fossil Teeth Show Dinosaurs Heading for the Hills

Read this exciting tale from the writers at Discover Magazine: We're in western America in the late Jurassic period, and a herd of Camarasaurus dinosaurs is on the move. It's the dry season and the giants are running out of water. Fortunately, they know exactly where to find a drink: a range of volcanic highlands to the west. To quench their titanic thirst, they must head for the hills. Now, 150 million years later, Henry Fricke from Colorado College had discovered a way of reconstructing their migration.

Read More About Migrations Here


Fossils in the Sand

Each day a preschooler runs to me, proclaiming success: a treasure has just been plucked from the sand! One day it's a shark tooth, another a small clam-like brachiopod, occasionally a crinoid stem, and on a really special day, a spiraled ammonite.

Read more about how you can turn your sandbox into a paleontolgy discovery zone!

Ammonite and Sandbox Fossil Sale

Now you can create the wonder of fossils hidden in the sand by choosing from a variety of "fossils by the pound"...all on SALE now and FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. 30% off sandbox fossils and for every 3 pounds you order we will give you 1 pound more. Read more


What's New…?

We have a new book! Spinosaurus! It can be purchased here: Spinosaurus Book. Or you can buy the book with a real spinosaurus tooth here:

Spinosaurus Book With REAL Fossil Spinosaurus Tooth

Fossilicious now has a Facebook Fan Page!

On Facebook, we will provide regular updates on our fossil adventures, special deals on fossils, and introduce our friends to fossil finders around the world. Like us on Facebook and stay in the loop.

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Work in Progress

We have a new ebook nearing completion based on a new way to work with the Time Line of Life.


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