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Thanksgiving 2012 Newsletter From Fossilicious
November 23, 2012


Table of Contents

  • Holiday Shopping On Line
  • Class Gifts that Inspire
  • New Educational Materials for 2013
  • Stunning decorative items
  • Work in Progress


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Holiday Shopping On Line

From all of us at Fossilicious to you and yours, Happy Holidays!

I saw my first Black Friday ad as soon as the election was over. I may have missed the first ones because, living in a swing state, I'd declared a moratorium on commercials, the political kind. I remember the early 80's when I first got wind of those "Friday After Thanksgiving Sales" and my gifts tended toward the practical.

But as my children grew, I came to seek the special gift that would hold the attention or spark an interest that would last well into their adult life. For many children, the vastness of the earth's treasures holds that spark. Take a trip through our updated gift line and we think you'll find something truly unique, a real “one-of-a-kind” that only Mother Nature and the sands of time can provide.

With free shipping and great prices, you'll be glad you chose to do your shopping without the lines, the long distance parking and the bombardment of mall coercion.


Class Gifts that Inspire

If you're a teacher, you know that your students love a special gift at holiday time. Wouldn't it be great if your students were inspired by your holiday gift, as well? At fossilicious we have many gifts well under $1 each that will not only please your students, but also get them excited about learning.

Beautiful minerals are always a thrill! Our students have enjoyed Amethyst, Fluorite, Calcite, Tumbled Stones, Chrysocolla, and Pyrite. There's a wide range of prices available on these gorgeous minerals at Wholesale Minerals Classroom Packs

Fossils always make an exciting gift! Coprolite, fossilized dinosaur poop, is lots of fun. The agatized remains are stunning! Our small polished specimens could be made into cool necklaces that every child in your class would be proud to wear. Fossil shark teeth, ammonite buttons, and a variety of Fossil Classroom Packs. all come with information cards that will get your little scholars started on a lifetime of fossil collecting and interest in ancient life forms.


New Educational Materials for 2013

We've revised our Four Famous Fossils and Geologic Eras books and the Geologic Periods should be ready by early 2013. The books have been redesigned, and sometimes even rewritten, to update the scientific information and provide more reading clues. Bold-face type draws the young reader's attention to vocabulary words that can be found in the glossary, something new for this edition. We've also printed a geologic time chart on the back cover with highlighted geologic time periods from the reading content.


Stunning decorative items will thrill the “hard-to-buy-for” person who has Everything!

We're carrying some new fossil Ammonite Bowls we found at the show this year. These uniquely shaped bowls imitate the animals found in the polished matrix. The price is right at $34.95. Of course we still carry the other styles, too, starting at $24.95.

We found an exceptional amount of Celestite from Madagascar this season, so we are able to offer large crystal druze, polished "eggs" and a few very large geode pieces. This crystal is purported to encourage psychic connections. We don’t know if that's really true, but a friend of ours who we gifted with a celestite egg, found her dreams suddenly filled with noteworthy ideas for her writing. The mornings we visited were spent feverishly recording all the visions that filled her dreamtime the night before.

There are some fine examples of ammonite and orthoceras sculptures, bookends, and crystal lamps on our Home Decor pages. For the fossil aficionado, you'll find a variety of Plant Fossils" including one remaining ginkgo that we know won't last long, new fossil coral specimens and an unusually well-preserved and hard-to-find Euripterid. For an amazingly low price you can purchase one of the oldest fossil rocks on record, a 2.3 billion year-old Stromatolite from Boliva.


Take a look at our fossil and mineral specimens and we think you'll agree with a recent customer who said, "Your prices are considerably lower by comparison than other websites I've visited."


As we look back on 2012, all the new friends to fossilicious, and the many new rock, mineral and fossil finds we've made along the way, we thank you for your support! We hope that 2013 will find you healthy, happy and enjoying plenty of gifts from the earth!


Doug and Claudia Mann


Work in Progress

Lessons and activities for the Time Line of Life

Yes, the Time Line of Life e-book is still on its way! We know that it was expected last spring, but too many things on our "To Do" lists kept us from getting it finished and published. Thanks for your patience!


Written by Doug and Claudia Mann
© copyright 2006/2012 by Doug and Claudia Mann

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