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Fossil News
May 22, 2008


Table of Contents

  • Fossil News
    • Four-Winged Dinosaurs Found in China
    • Roadside Dinos
    • Early Elephants Were Amphibious
    • Primitive Bird Found in China
    • Cyclic Comet Impacts Wiped Out Dinos
  • Summer Break
  • What’s New at
  • What’s New at
  • Spring Fossil Deals
  • Dads and Grads
  • Work in Progress


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Fossil News

Four-Winged Dinosaurs Found in China
      Proof That Birds Evolved From Dinosaurs?

Roadside Dinos
      Are you taking a road trip this summer? These two pages list all the roadside statues and sculptures of Dinosaurs across the country.
      Roadside Dino List

      Dino List 2

Early Elephants Were Amphibious
       Evidence suggests that early elephants were amphibious.
      Early Elephants Were Amphibious

Primitive Bird Found in China
      Eoconfuciusornis, a primitive confuciusornithid bird from China.

Cyclic Comet Impacts Wiped Out Dinos
      Evidence for the regular occurance of comet impacts.
      Comet Impacts


Taking a Summer Break from the Montessori Great Lessons

The last days of school are upon us, so the Great Lessons will take a rest until next fall. We’ll publish the last of those articles in time for school to start next August, along with links to find all the previous feature articles so you’ll be set for giving those inspirational lessons at the beginning of next school year.


What’s New at

We have lots of new products available this spring! If something catches your eye just click on it to go to that page. We are in the process of expanding the rocks and minerals section of fossilicious. Some of the new items are listed here:

New fossil entries include:


What’s New at

We are in the process of updating our geologic time section starting with the pages on eras, See newly completed pages on: Paleozoic Era and Mesozoic Era


Spring Fossil Deals

We are overstocked on wholesale fossil sea urchins!!

While they last we are doubling up on fossils by the pound orders! Buy one pound of any of our wholesale fossils and get one pound of sea urchin fossils free! No coupon needed… order one get one free. No rain checks.


Last Chance for Grads and Dads!

Well, not exactly, but if you order between now and May 31st , you’ll give a truly memorable gift and save yourself some cash!

Here’s how:

  1. Sign up to be a VIP member. It takes a day or two to run through the processing, so sign up NOW!

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  4. You’ll pay NO POSTAGE…

    because you’ll have plenty of time for your gifts to arrive before those June graduations and Father’s Day.


Here’s what some folks are giving…

Steve A. from CA just bought a 4” baculite and wrote: “Just wanted to let you know the fossil I just received is really awesome and typical of what I have purchased from your company. My students will really like this.”

Each of W. Maier’s 27 graduating students in MA will receive a 3” polished orthoceras. Using his discount, he saved almost $40 off his order and got the cost of his gifts down to less than $4 apiece.

How about a 4-piece fossil collection for $1.50?

Check out our bulk/wholesale fossils. We’ll include a master sheet of fossil information cards for each type of fossil you purchase. Your students will go crazy for their genuine fossils and the information will make them EXPERTS!


Work in Progress

If you have been receiving our newsletter for a while the next section should look very familiar. Claudia and I started a new Montessori school last fall so some of our new project ideas for fossilicious have not gotten the energy they deserve.

The Fossil Coloring E-Book will likely be ready by fall.

This coloring book will be full size 8 ˝ x 11 in a pdf format. It will include scenes from all the various geologic times: Precambrian time through the Quaternary period. We are sorting through hundreds of drawings of original artwork used in illustrating our children's books. For a taste of this fossil coloring book follow this link. downloadable coloring Pages

Our new rock and mineral collections, Getting to Know Rocks and Minerals, are very near to completion. Most of the time spent on this project has been spent on writing lesson plans and creating materials to accompany the collections. These will be put into an ebook to go with each collection. These should be ready for shipping by mid-may at the latest. Watch the website for this exciting addition to our educational materials.

Look for these educational earth science collections in the future:

  • Igneous Rocks
  • Metamorphic Rocks
  • Sedimentary rocks
  • Mohs Hardness Scale Set

Is there something you would like to see offered on or Drop us a note: or


Written by….Doug and Claudia Mann
© copyright 2006/2008 by

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