Whitelisting Spam Filter Software

If you are using a client-side third-party spam filter (ex., McAfee SpamKiller) to augment your e-mail software, please indicate to that filtering software to accept fossils-facts-and-finds domains.

Either add the fossils-facts-and-finds domains (listed on the page underneath this one) to some kind of a white list (or a "good list" or similar name), or click to indicate that mail filtered into a "Junk" folder is not junk -- all systems follow similar patterns, but the names may change. It is usually pretty straightforwad, but you may need to search the software's help for a bit of direction.

NOTE: Since your client-side e-mail software-and-filter is the very end of the line, e-mail may be filtered out before it reaches there. If you don't get e-mail that you are expecting, check other links on the table on the Whitelisting page under this one for more information.

And, if all else fails, call or e-mail your ISP/mail service's tech support and specifically ask how you can be sure to receive all e-mail from fossils-facts-and-finds (mentioning all the domains listed on the page underneath this one). Follow their instructions for whitelisting all of the fossils-facts-and-finds domains.