Ammonites Crossword

The Ammonites crossword Puzzle can be a challenge. You may want to familiarize yourself with the information on ammonites on this site. All the clues and words you will be seeking are there. If you know and understand a few things about the ammonite, you will find it easier to review the vocabulary with your children.

If you are completing the puzzle with younger children, they will have greater success with an ammonite lesson(s) first.

Older students, middle and high school, should be able to find the solution to this puzzle without prior lessons but they may get more out of it if they are familiar with the terms.

If you wish to inspire broad research, you might use just a page or two from our site as a starting point. However, all the clues and vocabulary included in the puzzle can be found on the ammonites pages.

Download PDF file here for a printable version of Ammonites Crossword

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