Crinoids Crossword Puzzle

The Crinoids Crossword Puzzle may require a lesson(s) before presentation to your students. Being one of the less familiar ancient species, the flower-like crinoid and its related vocabulary can pose a few challenges for young students. However, an overview of the animal or a vocabulary lesson before hand can make a world of difference in the success of your students when they try this puzzle. You will find all of the clues and answers to this puzzle on the crinoid pages.

Secondary students should be able to research the answers themselves if they are provided with resources. All of the answers are on the crinoid pages, (See link above) but if you would like to have a more extended research project, you may use books, charts, or some of the links to other informational sites.

Download PDF file here for a printable version of this Crinoids Crossword Puzzle and it's solution

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