Fossil Art is the RAGE In Home Decorating

At the recent Denver Fossil, Gem, and Mineral Show I couldn’t help but listen with wonder as dealer after dealer reported the furious buying of large fossil specimens for Japanese homes and businesses. It seems that the Japanese are not only fascinated with these ancient relics, they want them for art pieces.

One dealer reported that he had received an amazing figure for a reconstructed fish from the Green River Formation near Kemmerer, Wyoming. The specimen had been found in a quarry, prepared by a second party, purveyed by a third and will eventually be delivered to its new Japanese home. A great deal for all parties!

Artists, too, are benefiting from the Japanese excitement over fossils. An artist who regularly uses ammonites and orthoceras in her objects d’arte creations recently told us she had been approached by a Japanese dealer who was negotiating to buy 50 of her art pieces.

Fossil Table Ware
Americans are putting another spin on fossil art. Besides the many wonderful display items that come from Morocco, there are plates and serving bowls that will be decorating many dinner tables throughout the United States. These unique pieces add a warm earthiness to the meal; and their colors are as yummy as the culinary dishes they serve up!

Large Display Pieces
Continue this earthy motif to the living room. There you’ll find coffee and end tables carved and polished from the black and white, orthoceras-filled matrix that comes from Moroccan deserts. Plaques of specimens come in all sizes and include specimens ranging from ancient trilobites and brittlestars to polished ammonites and orthoceras. Prices have a wide range, too, so watch out! If you take the time to shop around, you can find some great deals!

Fossil Counter Tops, And Fossil Tiles
Recently a new craze in “permanent decorating” is also making the scene in the U.S. Concrete kitchen counters are known for their easy durability and beauty. But inlay them with fossil ammonites and you have a counter that is out of this world beautiful AND one-of-a-kind! Bathroom tiles set with orthoceras create a memory of the watery environment these ancient creatures called home.

If you are a fossil-lover and just can’t find one more empty space to add to your collection, think about these new alternatives for home décor. Who knows? You may “invent” the next new fossil decorating craze!

Want to purchase fossil décor items? find fossil art at They carry a variety of home décor items in a range of prices to fit any budget.

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