What Is A Fossil Crossword Puzzle

The What Is A Fossil Crossword Puzzle can be a challenge for elementary children. There are new vocabulary words that may be unfamiliar. However even children as young as 8, 9, and 10 can be successful. All it takes is some familiarity with the concepts and words. This puzzle makes a good follow up activity after an introductory lesson on what a fossil is. I will give students an opportunity to think about and use the new information.

Given the resources secondary students should be able to research the answers themselves. The answers to this crossword puzzle are on our web pages: What Is A Fossil? and How Are Fossils Formed?
There are many good books on this subject. If you are interested in presenting this to your students you probably already have some of them. If you have internet access at your school the links above should provide all that they need. Alternately you could print these pages to have available.

Download PDF file here for a printable version of What Is A Fossil Crossword Puzzle

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