Cave Fossil

by Caden
(Prairie Grove, Arkansas, USA)

I was recently exploring a wild cave in Northwest Arkansas and I found this fossil stuck on the side of one of the canyon walls inside. It is a limestone cave and the canyon walls have a large number of crinoid stem segments embedded in them as well. I measured it with my calipers, I hope that is helpful. I have been comparing photos of fossils too it and I am at a loss for what it is...Hope you can tell me! Thanks

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Tree Fern?
by: Douglas

This is beautiful. I am not sure what it is. The area around North West Arkansas is from the Carboniferous Period. This looks like it could be part of a plant from that time but I don't recognize it.

It kind of looks like a Receptaculite but I can't find any reference to these in Arkansas. There is a picture of one on this page titled Erratic.

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