Cheat River WV Rafting find

by Britt

Cheat River Pic 1 of 3

Cheat River Pic 1 of 3

Cheat River Pic 1 of 3
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Cheat River Pic 3 of 3

A few weeks ago, my daughter went rafting on the Cheat River in WV and found this fossil on the banks while eating lunch. She has been reaching out to anyone and everyone to assist in identifying her find, including the Natural History Museum. The Natural History Museum does not assist in identifying her find. Looking for some insight. Thank you!

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Thank you!
by: Britt

Thank you Douglas for the feedback you gave us. We think based on the links you gave us, the fossil my daughter found is a crinoid. What a great resource this site is. Thanks everyone for assisting us. My daughter is super excited about bringing these new details to her classroom teachers and peers.

by: Douglas


I can not give you much information about your find. Fossils from river rock tend to have the details worn off. Do the lines make ridges? Does the specimen appear to be cylindrical? It could be a crinoid stem. See if this could be what you have:

WV has lots of Paleozoic marine fossils. If you can pin point the area where you found the fossil on a map you might be able to narrow the possibilities. This web page may help.

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