by Dean
(Petal Ms.)

Hello, I found this on leaf river here in Petal Ms. I've had it for quite sometime and decided I would get an expert opinion on it. Thank you for your time.

Comments for Cocoon?

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by: Dean

Hello Mr. Douglas, great evaluation I must say. The rivers current and fossil tumbling in the water caused the matrix to form like a web. I took and smooth these places out like you said and now we have an egg. It is very detail with spots and the hole which you see in photo looks to be that of a worm hole maybe. The collapse part of the egg still shows with egg fragments. I'm not much good when it comes to getting this matrix off. I'm going to send you some more as soon as I get close. Thanks and once again great evaluation you where a lot of help, dean.

by: Douglas


There are two challenges with fossils found in a river.

1. They are often worn smooth by the river, smoothing out any detail that might help identify it.

2. They could come from anywhere up river making it impossible to know the source.

Just a guess it has the general shape of a horn coral.

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