Don't know?

by Patricia
(San Luis, AZ)

crinoid stems

crinoid stems

crinoid stems
crinoid stems

I was given this by a friend who got it from a friend. I really want to know what it is, can you help me please.

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Nice collection of crinoid stems
by: Doug


This rock is full of crinoid stems. Crinoids are a living fossil in that they are 100's of millions of years old and there are still crinoids living in the oceans today. See this for more information about crinoids.

The different shapes in the rock are different views of the same thing. The circles are the end view of the stalk or stem. The rectangular shapes are looking along the side of the stem. One of the rectangles is sliced in half and you see the inside of the stem. I can't tell you how old this is because we do not know where it came from. Thanks for your submission.

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