Got no idea.

by Rick Flynn

Bought a box of rocks and found it in box. It's about the size of the Palm of your hand. I would love to find out what kind of stone it is.

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by: Doug

Hi Rick.

I am not sure about this one. I am going to guess coral. It has many characteristics of coral fossils. But I have not found anything with the same patterns, close but not the same. Do both sides of this rock have the same patterns?

Because we don't know the origin of this specimen we can't narrow our search to a particular time and place. We could guess that the specimen was found somewhere near where you bought the box. It is just a guess but If you knew the general area, even the state, it could help provide some more information.

Try googling images of fossil coral. You can see the patterns that I am talking about.

Sorry I can't be more definitive. Thanks for your submission.

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