Plate of Marching/Swimming Fossils

by Eric Sedivy
(Arboles, CO)

Lonchodomas Trilobites

Lonchodomas Trilobites

Lonchodomas Trilobites

Purchased 7-8 years ago from a shop in Tucson, AZ. Lost scratch paper that we wrote down the name of fossil. Fairly sure fossil came from Morocco. Have spent countless hours on Internet trying to find one that's similar. (When I did have fossil name - was able to find only 2 or 3 that were similar. (And those were of only 1 or 2 of the tiny creatures partially exposed.)) Plate has 12+ of the fossils "swimming" in a row. There are also countless other "swimmers" that are partially exposed or beneath the surface. Thanks in advance for any help. -Eric

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Moroccan trilobites, Lonchodomas
by: Douglas


You are right these are Moroccan trilobites. The species name is Lonchodomas. It lived during the Ordovician Period. That makes it about 450 million years old. Nice plate.

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