T shaped bone

by Dan
(Greeley County Nebraska)

I am digging out an unfinished portion of my basement in central Nebraska

I found this bone about 4 feet down in a chalky layer.

The bone is about 3 1/2 inches long.

I have looked on many websites but can't find anything even similar.

Here are 3 views.

Comments for T shaped bone

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by: Dan

Thanks for the comments Doug!

This is definitely bone. There are obvious pores inside.

by: Dan

Thanks for the comments Doug!

Yes, it is definitely bone! There are very large pores in the center with @ 1/8" hard ring around the outside.

by: Doug


First is it bone. It looks like bone in the picture. One way to tell is to look for bone structure. Bone even fossilized bone will have cell structure, small pores. You may have to look with some magnification to see it.

Assuming it is bone, The area around Greely is from the Pleistocene Epoch. That means the animals likley to be found there are from the Ice Age and would be between 11,000 years to 1.8 million years old.

Learn more about the Pleistocene Epoch here:

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