by Tina Ball
(Portland Oregon USA )

Enrolled Trilobite

Enrolled Trilobite

I found it in the clackamas river in Oregon. That's all I know about it.

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What is it doing here?
by: Doug

Good point Linda. Trilobites were ocean creatures. I didn't check the geology of the area when I first looked at this fossil it is definitely a trilobite but what is it doing here? Trilobites lived in the early part of the Paleozoic Era and there are no Paleozoic rocks in north west Oregon! Maybe somebody dropped it in the Clackamas. Enrolled trilobites like these are very common in Morocco. We sell them here:

by: Linda Greene

I thought the Trilobite were ocean creatures?

Enrolled Trilobite
by: Doug

Hey Tina nice find.

This is indeed a Trilobite. Either you are missing the tail half or this one was rolled into a ball. If the segments continue on the other side it is enrolled which was a defensive position. This type of trilobite is called Phacops. The picture shows the head. You can see the eyes set near the sides. If your fossil has excellent detail you will see that the eyes are multi-faceted like a fly.

Trilobites are the oldest creatures in the fossil record that we know had eyes. for more info on trilobites check out this web page:

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