by Gregg Carter
(San Diego CA)




Came across this find and would like to know what it possibly could be

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Ice age mammal
by: Doug


I can't tell you exactly what this is, but It appears to be an ice age mammal, mostly intact. Assuming that you found this around San Diego I can say that southern California has an abundance of this type of fossil, though the completeness of the bones in your photo is remarkable.

Before I go any further I need to tell you that federal law prohibits amatures from collecting vertebrate fossils on public lands. So anything with a backbone. Private property is ok but make sure you have writen permission from the owner.

This is very important! Remember Sue? She was the most complete T-rex ever found. Sue's discoverers paid the land owner $50,000.00 for the right to dig and own her bones. Alas the deal was done on a handshake. The owner did not live up to his end of the deal. He sued and was awarded the money from the sale of Sue. I think it was $10 million dollars. Not only did he get the money but the people who found, excavated, moved, and prepared the fossils were charge with federal crimes. One of them even served time in prison.

Anyway even if this is on private property I recommend that you get a professional to check it out. Don't move anything. I would take these photos to The Natural History Museum in Balboa Park.

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