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Fossils-Facts-and-finds Site map

Links Directory Links and descriptions of other educational, and fossil sites.

Fossil Resources -Links and descriptions of other fossil sites.

Education links -Links and descriptions of education sites.

Montessori -A resource of Montessori links for Montessori materials, philosophy, associations, schools, and job opportunities.

Home school links -Links and descriptions of resources for home schooling.

Earth Science Links -Links and descriptions of sites earth science, geology, and earth history.

Kids Activities Links -Links and descriptions of sites with kids activities.

Fossil Information For Education, Collecting, and Fun

Dinosaurs Central Learn about Dinosaurs here.

Dinosaur Classification How do Scientists sort out dinosaurs.

What Is A Dinosaur Who is in the Dinosaur club and why.

T Rex Learn all about t rex here, where they lived,when they lived, how big, and more.

Geologic Time

Geologic Time Line

Geologic Time Periods

Clock of Eras

Cenozoic Era

Mesozoic Era

Paleozoic Era

Proterozoic Era

Archaean Time

Hadean Time

Teachers Resources
Activities for Education and Fun

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Fossil Lesson Plans

Fossil Activities

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Geology Club

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