Geology Club

A Plan of Action

The following is a geology club outline that has been used successfully. It was designed to cover lesson plans for seven meetings. You may use any or all of this document. Special thanks to Kathy Koenig for making this document available to others who wish to start a geology club for the children of their community.


Cost : $25 per student

Meeting : Times -Dates

Snack : students bring own (pretzels provided for those without snack)

Journal : Students will keep a science journal of work in club meetings and home activities (home activities are optional)

Meeting - Topic
Materials Sent Home

Home Activity

Meeting #1


  • Observe different types (ex. sugar and salt)
  • Make connection between crystals and minerals
  • Show a finished magic crystal tree and rock candy
  • Cookie mining
  • Science journal ($0.10)
  • Starting a rock collection info
  • Magic crystal Tree ($1.42)
  • Make rock candy
  • Make Magic Crystal Tree kit

(good for in class activity!)


Meeting #2


  • Tools of Geologists
  • Mineral identification
  • Show products made from minerals
  • Products bag (.15)
  • 4 minerals (1.75)
  • Identify minerals in products
  • Begin rock collection

Meeting #3


  • Discuss three types of rock
  • Rock identification
  • Rock identification kit ($5.76)
  • Rock collection box ($1.26)
  • Piece of coal, granite, marble, lava, limestone, slate (free)
  • Starting a fossil collection info
  • Mystery bag of four rocks to identify at home
  • Begin fossil collection


Meeting #4

Rock Cycle

  • Students bring in their rock collections & check identification of mystery rocks
  • Re-introduce three types of rock
  • Use liquid paper to number rocks??
  • Demonstrate rock cycle with food?? (~1.00/kid)
Worksheet for home activity
  • Continue fossil collection
  • Sort rock collection by rock type (worksheet with questions) ?????


Meeting #5

Fossils 1

  • Intro to fossils (put fossil in a bag and describe by touch)
  • Making own fossil
  • Bury a fossil for excavating
  • Fossil student made (.30)
  • Fossil pamphlet (0.30)
  • Excavate unknown fossils in addition to the one they buried
  • Read about fossils


Meeting #6

Fossils 2

  • Fossil identification (class set and student collection)
  • Timeline, matching of fossil to real-life form?
  • Still need to decide how to use the collection
  • Career worksheet
  • Twelve fossils in a bag (10.00)
  • Fossil fish (0.50)
  • Worksheet on careers in geology (matching??) or use website and choose a career of interest to include in journal
  • Excavate a fossil fish


Meeting #7

Careers in Geology

Meet a geologist! -- ??

Sharing of journals

Certificate of completion

Pizza Party (1.00)

Alternative to this meeting would be to continue working with the fossil collection

  • Certificate (.50)
“I love Geology” pencil or small gift (1.00)

Readings/Websites Majors/geology.htm#related%20career%20titles

Starting A Geology Club - Geology Activities

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