A gastropod or perhaps an nautilus?

by Jeri F
(Sacramento area, Ca.)

I purchased this from a garage sale near Honey Lake, Ca.
The seller laughed at me when I asked about his "snail" from his fence line.
He thought I was nuts.....I'm not a fossil expert by any means, but this looked like a mollusk fossil to me. I hope I'm not wrong.....!
In one of the photos I placed a 16 scale. The whole "thing" weighs about 45 pounds. It also looks like it has "bite" marks on one dorsal (or maybe I have it upside down) area. Or maybe it's a giant land snail ?? I have spend days trying to find one similar and haven't yet !! Driving me crazy !
Any info would be fantastic and appreciated and keep me from the nut house!
Thanks you!

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by: Douglas


This is too worn to be able to identify. It could be some type of mollusk, possibly even ammonite from the general shape but there is not enough detail to say anything about it for sure.

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