Bone/claw piece

by Stu
(Scarborough UK)

Found this and looks like a bone, claw piece or from a tail. Likely from Jurassic age rocks. Found in littoral zone on urban beach in Scarborough UK

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not a bone
by: Glenn

It's a peace of Bacculite nice

Fossil Bone?
by: Doug


This does look like it could be a bone fragment. I cannot give you a positive ID from the photo. One thing you can do as a test is to check the end. If it is bone you should be able to see the bone structure. It will show as some kind of cellular structure. Another test is to put your tongue on the end. If it feels like it is sucking on your tongue it is probably bone. This happens because bone has small holes all through it and the moisture on your tongue gets pulled into these pores by capillary action.

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