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Himalayan Ammonite

Himalayan Ammonite

Himalayan Ammonite
Himalayan Ammonite

On a recent trip to Himalayas I found a fossil rock which i would be interested in knowing more about it.

I have attached the pics. Please if you can help me know more about it as to whose fossil it is , how old and any more details as you can add.

Also if it were to be valued how much it be of ?

The location where i found is

Village: Hikkim
State: Himachal Pradesh
Country: India

The excat location,+Himachal+Pradesh+172114/@32.2465173,78.0951226,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x3906a4a7b28768a9:0xfa4b9b0f623f1849!8m2!3d32.2470019!4d78.0969256?hl=en

Would be waiting for your response.

My email:

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Himalayan Ammonite
by: Douglas

You have an ammonite. I cannot tell you the species name.

Ammonites were a relative of today's squid. Hard to believe that the roof of the world was once underwater! The circular markings near the center are likely bite marks from a mosasaur which was an apex predator of the same time period.

You can find out more about ammonites here:

The area you described looks like it is Mesozoic age. I cannot find more detailed info on what period it is from.

Your find is incomplete and while it is a nice find it won't bring a large price. Ammonites were very common so they do not have high value unless they are complete, big, and beautiful.

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