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Pantano wash tucson az. Fossils

by Danny
(Tucson az)

crinoid stems, Tucson

crinoid stems, Tucson

I found these while hiking two of them in pantano wash and two in rob wash. Both located on outside of Tucson.i have removed one of the fossils from the stone. The other is two pieces I picked it up due to its strange look noticed it was cracked and pulled it in half without much effort. I would really appreciate your efforts on identifying the guys. Thank you for your time.

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by: danny

Thankyou again dog I have a couple more I would like to post

Tucson Fossils
by: Douglas

The first one looks like crinoid stems. Some of the detail is missing, worn from being in the wash. If you can see the ends they should be round so it would look like 2 cylinders with horizontal lines.

Learn more about crinoids here:

The other one could be some kind of plant fossil, maybe a pinecone or ?

The other thing about finding fossils in a wash is that you don't know from whence they came. The mountains around Tucson have rocks from Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic Eras any of these rocks could end up in the wash.

These are my best guesses from looking at the photos. I would recommend that you take them to "Tucson Mineral & Gem World" Rock shop. These guys have been hunting fossils and minerals around Tucson all of their lives. Very knowledgable and helpful if they are not busy. Anyone interested in rocks and lives in the Tucson area should know about this place! Good prices too.

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