by Debbie c.
(Northwest Florida)

Found it with my granddaughter shell hunting in the sound of the gulf of mexico...perfectly round smooth top with design on other side.. I thought it was a rock...about the size of a silver dollar, maybe a slight but larger

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Maybe a vertebrae disc?
by: Anonymous

To me this looks like a vertebrae disc of a animal like a deer or a prehistoric creature, but I'm no professional. I was wondering if was definitely petrified. No matter what it is it's a cool and fun find.
Happy shell hunting!

Sand Dollar?
by: Doug


The first photo, the top view is a little blurry. I think this is a sand dollar. Sand dollars usually have a pattern on top but often some of the details get worn away so that they are smooth. the bottom side also looks worn. Sand dollars if whole have a flat bottom with a hole in the middle. This looks like the bottom has worn away leaving the inner structure that holds the top and bottom together.

I hope this helps.

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