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Stromatolites for India

These are my recommendations for stromatolites to include in your museum display.

All of the photos would not fit into this email. I may have to send several.

Two are from Bolivia I would choose 1 of them. One photo is mislabeled as from Brazil. They about 2.5 billion years old. The sphere is $60.00 the slab is $40.00

One is a stromatolite from California in the US. The stromatolites are the dark black circles. These are Oncolytic Stromatolites -Early Cambrian Period about 550 million years old $40.00

 2 photos are the same piece from Morocco. rough except for the bottom which has been cut flat to show the layers. Ediacarin age-about 600 million years old. $80.00

 2 photos are the same piece from Wyoming, USA. rough except for the bottom and 1 side which has been cut flat to show the layers. Proterozoic-about 1.7 million years old. $90.00

Stromatolite 1 is a stromatolite with one side polished. I don't know where it is from or its age. $30.00


Last is a piece of butterstone. Not a stromatolite but has fossilized cyanobacteria, about 2.5 billion years old from South Africa. $15.00 

Shipping cost will be around $100.  I won't know the exact amount until you choose the pieces you want and I can weigh it out.

California Stromatolite

Stromatolite slab from Bolivia

Stromatolite sphere Bolivia

Stromatolite 1

Moroccan stromatolite

Moroccan stromatolite with cut base

wyoming stromatolite

wyoming stromatolite with cut base


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