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by Craig Teachworth
(Lowell Mi USA)

While digging a post hole in the back yard for a deck. We found this. Don't know what it is but looks pretty interesting.

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no fizzle
by: Anonymous

I dropped a few drops of vinegar and no fizzle. what does this mean? and could it be worth anything. (not that I want to get money out of it) I want to keep it in my collection.

Fossiliferous Limestone
by: Douglas


This appears to be fossiliferous limestone. There are several imprints of marine animals present. You should consult a geology map of Michigan to pinpoint the location of your find. Lowell is near Jurassic and Pennsylvanian rocks. Once you find the location on the map you will get an approximate age for you rock. You can test for limestone by putting a few drops of vinegar on it. If it fizzes it is limestone.

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